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"The Day Of Notable Appearances Of the Lord "  

  " Before that Great day of the Lord come " ( Acts 2: 20 )


 We have to understand that we are living in the notable day of the Lord which the bible speaks of in (Acts 2:20).  The word notable comes from the Greek words, “epiphanes” and “epiphanio” which means, “The memorable, known and visible appearance.”  Did you hear that!  We are living in the day of the appearance of the Lord.  This explains why the Lord is appearing to multiple of thousands of people on the Earth visibly face to face in dreams, visions and in open broad daylight.  The word notable describes something that is visibly seen to the naked eye.  This explains also why the appearances of the Lord are happening in our generation so much where many people are having visitations from the face of the Lord Jesus Christ.  


The year 2008 was an out of the ordinary year, where the Lord spoke to me in dreams and visions, even to the extreme of out of body experiences. I consecrated myself in prayer and fasting as never before, seeking God’s face concerning His people. It was a unique year marked by incredible supernatural encounters in my life.

 I felt as if I had a burden on me, which in turn created compassion for the sick . Every time I was on my knees praying, I found myself crying unto God, asking Him to heal the sick. I remember even telling Him these words:  “Lord if you can take everything away from me, but one thing I am asking, do not take your favour away from me. Let me see sick people healed, the lame walk, the blind see, deaf hear, dumb speak”

On the 2nd of April 2008, around 10 am, as soon as I finished praying, I laid on my bed to rest. Suddenly I felt like somebody’s hand touched my chest. It was a massive hand that I can hardly describe, and all I can remember, is that it touched me. After touching me, my spirit came out of my body.


In the spirit realm, I saw myself standing between the room ceiling and the bed. I could see clearly my body on the bed. Moreover, I realized that the same way my body was on the bed, my spirit was in the same position in the air likewise.

 I found myself standing before the Lord Jesus Christ and the glory of God filled my whole room. While my spirit was still in the air, the Lord stretched forth His right hand and touched my spirit, and suddenly I felt and saw the power of God going through my body like lightning or like the sun shining at midday. Once He removed his hand from my spirit, I heard Him saying to me: “Now, my servant shall heal the sick”.


Then He put my spirit back into my body. While He had done so, I found out that I was still on the bed. I then, jumped off of my bed. I could feel the heat, electricity power or like something was tingling in my body. I could not hold myself all day. Then, I understood the Lord gave me the gift of healing and healing mantle. 

 Since that day, my healing ministry began to change. Miracles, signs and wonders happen every time I preach in unprecedented way and regardless of the environment, time or circumstances. The Lord confirms His word with miracles following.


I  remember that during the same year, I received an invitation from colleagues to minister in their Church in London United Kingdom.

I remember I was supposed to preach in a seminar for month.Then I decided to ask them if it was possible for us to have a healing and miracle Service on the last day of seminar. They responded positively.

Then the healing service took place on Sunday October 26th 2008 at 4 pm. As I was ministering, I found out that a lot of people were sick  there, then I began to declare by faith: “Today every sick person in this place will be healed in Jesus` Name!”. Suddenly  i saw a young man who used to suffer from generic mental disorder coming towards me .


While I was standing there, I realized that the power of God that was in me was capable to heal him. I acted by faith and prayed over him with authority. Then he was healed. Moreover, I called every person sick people , from the Lame to the blind to come to where I was standing, then the power of God came down tangibly to heal everyone in the church.

The number of creative miracles recorded during that meeting was unprecedented.” Everyone who attended the service was healed as well as the Lost saved. Praise God! 

You can live the same experience of power today, if you are willing to run with the vision of God and follow the principles elaborated in this book. God is still working the same way He used to work before. He wants to minister directly to you. Do not be afraid of the fire. He wants to reveal the mysteries of his heart to you.

Remember that He does not reveal the mysteries of His heart to everybody but to them that He finds trustworthy.


Apostle Medyt








“...Yet he gave a command to the skies above and opened the doors of the heavens; he rained down manna for the people to eat, he gave them the grain of heaven. They ate the food of angels! God gave them all they could hold.; he sent them all the food they could eat.”

Psalm 78:23-25


God often ministers to human through angels.

An Angel is a heavenly messenger who either delivers a message to humans, carries out God’s will, God’s glory, praises God or guards God’s throne.

The term “Angel derives from the Greek word “angelos” which means “messenger.” equivalent of the Hebrew word “Malak” which also means “Messenger”.


Angels are heavenly hosts, they inhabit God`s Kingdom, they are all Spirits that God has assigned to look after those are called by His name.  They praise God and carry His presence unto His people.

However, the word spirit in the ancient Greek word means wind. Psalm 104:4 says: “He makes winds His messengers, flames of fire His ministers.”(AMPV).



The appearance of angels varies. Only Cherubim and Seraphim are represented with wings. Often in the old testament, angels appear as ordinary men, sometimes, however, their uniqueness is evident as they do things or appear in fashion clearly  non–human. The brilliant white appearance common to the New Testament angel is not a feature of the old testament image (see Gen 16: 7 – 11, Ex 3: 2; Num 22: 23, Judges 6: 21; John 20: 12).


Angels are personal spirit beings, each having a mind of greater capacity and ability than ours. They are capable of attitudes, purposes and intentions. But as wonderful and powerful as angels are, they have no authority apart from God. In Matthew 28:18, Christ said, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth." Our Savior has complete control over all spirit beings. We should, therefore, direct all our requests for our needs to God, not to angels.


As the chief servants of God Almighty, angels do His will in all things, whether toward His future sons or against the wicked. The Bible shows some of the ways God uses them to carry out His will. Against sinners, God used them to destroy Sodom for its perversions (Genesis 19:1,13); to curse Meroz because the people refused to help Israel (Judges 5:23); to bring pestilence upon Israel when David numbered them (II Samuel 24:15-17); to kill Herod for not giving glory to God ( Acts 12:13) and to avenge those who persecute the saints (Psalm 35:5-6)



Conversely, the ministry of the holy angels to the elect includes guiding, providing for, protecting, delivering, comforting and gathering. The author of Hebrews calls them "ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation" (Hebrews 1:14). To minister means "to do service for." Holy angels are sent forth to do service for the saints, the elect of God, those going on to perfection and inheriting eternal life. They are here to save us from accidents or premature death and to help us attain eternal life, in order word to do signs and wonders. The ministry of angels to the elect is an inspiring and encouraging proof of God's care and concern for us.


The question we ask here , do angels minister in healing?

My response is yes, they do.




An invitation to access the Supernatural Realms of Heaven ( 1 )



“After this I looked, and behold a door was standing open in heaven! And the first voice which I had heard addressing to me like a war trumpet said, come up here, and I will show you things what must take place in the future. (Revelation 4:1  AMPV).



Earlier in 1997, one day I decided to ask the Lord for a heavenly experience. I remember during that period my communion with God was going to another level. As I was so desperate to experience the reality of the Kingdom of God, I asked for the Lord if He would take me to heaven and show me the realities His Kingdom.

Brethren, I truly believed in the word of Jesus that says : “if you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.” (John 15:7 NKJV).


 One night after the church evening service, I went home, entered my room to pray, right after I finished giving thanks to the Lord; I entered into an angelic visitation. I saw an angel from the Lord having white apparel.

His face was shining almost impossible to look at him. The sound of His voice was like of a trumpet. When I saw him, I got afraid because it was my first time to have such experience.

Then He told me that He was my fellow servant sent by God as a response to my prayers. 

Moreover, He told me to get ready; for the time came for me to go up there to heaven with Him that I might discover things of God. Before he had finished talking to me, His hand touched my hand, then I had a supernatural heavenly experience as in a speed of light.


I cannot describe the things I saw, but I can remember one thing, we were no longer on the earth but it was really heaven. Once we arrived up there, I saw a gate.

 Everybody who was supposed to visit heaven and  know the mysteries of God’s kingdom had to pass by the same gate.


Moreover, as we moved towards that Gate of heaven, I perceived there was a very huge or gigantesque angel that stood in front of the gate.

Then the angel who stood at the gate asked me : “What do you wish Medyt?”  I replied, I want to know the mystery of God’s Kingdom. In addition, He said to me: “Yes it is possible to see the Kingdom of God but there is one requirement.”



Then He asked me:  have you got your pass gate?” I did not understand what he was talking about. Anyway, I replied yes I do. Then He said to me, “that’s right, you have a pass gate and the right to know about the Kingdom of God and for that reason you may enter through the gate”.

I did not understand what he meant by pass gate, then I asked the angel who took me up there what that meant? Then, He explained to me that the Angel standing at the gate was talking about the blood of Jesus that gives access before the throne of grace.

A few minutes later, the Angel who stood at the gate said to me again: “Are you ready to experience the glory of God?” yet, I thought I gave him the answer for that question already, because according to me God’s kingdom and glory meant the same thing!.


However, when that Angel did pronounce the words “Glory of God!”  I realized that his face’s expression changed and put his face down. Then I asked the Angel who was with me; why is that he put His face down? He replied, “it is because God’s glory is awesome, God is eternally holy!



For that reason, I was not able to give answer to that Question because at the same moment, I remembered about my walk with God on earth. I realized that I was not ready to see God’s glory.

And because I did not answer that question, the big Angel who stood at Gate said to me: “ for this reason Medyt, you have to go back to earth and make yourself ready. For the time is coming when you will begin to enter through this gate and have access into Kingdom of God because you were chosen by God to know and reveal the mysteries of His  kingdom.”


After those words I left the heavens with the same angel who took me up there, and as in the speed of light, I found myself back into my room.



Spiritual Warfare-(2)



I remember that I was not seeing tangible miracles in my ministry before.I felt like fighting with some demonic forces.  

One day I began to wonder why my ministry was that way. Why that everytime I prayed for people, the results were disappointing.



Well, in 2007, particularly in April, I decided to seek God`s face for at least six hours a day. My fellowship with the Lord became so intense in the sense that I had constant communion with Him; the Lord visited me so much. I had more angelic visitation than I ever had in my life.


So, at that moment ,I began to ask God to release His angels so that I may have breakthrough.

One day, precisely in Jun 2007, I was seating in my bedroom, my eyes got open and I saw an angel of God having a white apparel.


He said to me: “Get up Medyt, I have things that I want to show you in spirit realm!” Then he touched my right hand and suddenly I had supernatural experience.


I can tell you this experience was unbelievable, because we went to the second heaven. In fact, It is a realm where the Kingdom of darkness operates.  The book of Ephesians 6: 12 says: “For our wrestling is not against blood and flesh but against the powers, against the authorities, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenlies.”  (RV).


In that heaven sphere, I saw many activities going on up there. As we were standing there, I looked over my head and realize that there was another heaven over us that we needed to access. (which is the third heaven, meaning the heaven of God).


 Brethren I cannot really tell you how it looked like, but one thing I can say, it looked like a glass of crystal, extremely beautiful. I could even perceive everything beyond that heaven.


Moreover,  I saw an image and it seemed to be an old woman standing in that heaven above. In addition, I asked the angel why the woman stood up there ? Then He told me that it was not a woman, but an evil spirit. It was the spirit of witchcraft which was operating around my spiritual realm, stopping my prayers from reaching God and stopping me from operating in healing anointing. At that moment, I remembered the story of Prophet Daniel whose prayers and responses were blocked by the princes of the air, for about twenty-one days.


Then the angel said to me: “Command the power of God to consume that spirit now, so that you may have access in your inheritance!”.  As I began to command the fire of God to burn that evil spirit, I found out that every time I pronounced the words of power, that evil spirit turned into something else of different form.


After doing that seven times, I saw the power of God burning that devil until it became ashes. Then the Angel said to me:” It is done! Now the heavens are open over you. Your blessing and anointing are being released.


Then we came down to earth as in speed of light.


After that experience, my life changed and God`s favour began to manifest in everything I do. Even everyone who blesses me is blessed. The favour, which is over me, flows always upon those who bless me. When I pray for the sick, miracles happen as never before.Praise God !


Now, I wonder why the angel didn`t destroy that devil himself? Why did he ask me to do that instead?- I believe is because he had to respect the order established by God. Jesus said: "I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 18 :18


I understand that Jesus gave His authority to human not angel; Jesus did not die for angels, however, He died for us that we may receive His authority and power. Angels are here to help us access realms that we cannot access in the natural, but they are certain things they cannot do. They wait for us to exercise the authority that has been given to us.


Some of you are struggling within ministry right now, because you have been fighting with demonic forces in spiritual realm. Wonder why you can`t see miracles in your ministry. It`s time for you to make a decision for change. You need to wake up and begin to fight a fight of faith as a true soldier in Christ.


 Angels are with you right now and are waiting for you to speak the word of authority over your situation so that they can help and bring change into your ministry.




 Angelic visitation-(3)




In London Haringey, one Saturday as I was preparing in prayer for the next day healing and evangelism crusade..., I had a vision. An angel of the Lord appeared to me in white apparel.


 I was lying down on the floor, suddenly, I saw very huge or tall angel. The power of God was coming out of his body. I could not stand still.  Every time I attempted to stand up, I fell on the floor.  After falling three times on the floor, I heard him saying that the Lord sent him to deliver my apostolic mantle.


He said to me this: “Medyt from this day forward, you can do what Jesus did”. I was so afraid of that experience! The Power of God was all over me while standing in his presence.


After he finished speaking, he disappeared. I finally had my senses back and realized that I just had an encounter with an angel of God. Since that day, whenever I have a healing service , soon or later the power of God increases and awesome manifestations of healing happen in the arena.



(3)- Healing revival


In March 2009, I decided to retire in prayer for a while.As I was standing in the house; suddenly, I saw in the natural a big cloud coming over my head. Then the Spirit of prophesy came over me, all of the sudden I received the word from the Lord. The Lord spoke to me, saying: “Medyt, I am about to release a big rain of my healing presence over the earth as I never done before”.


As He was still talking to me, He added, “Keep this in mind, this word of prophesy shall come forth before the end of this year.”

He told me that the kind of anointing which was coming over his people will cause short legs to grow back and the dead to resurect. He gave me a sign. He said that, it would be exactly the same period, just after Evangelist and healing Minister Oral Robert `s death.


In addition, many countries including England, France and some Eastern European countries are going to be impacted by the revival. God will begin to raise many young preachers, those whom He has prepared Himself in the secret place. He will manifest His mighty works through them.


Just after that word of prophecy, I chose to remain in prayer seeking God’s face praying and praising him for what I saw.


 As I yielded before the Lord in prayer, He gave me another vision. This time I saw angels being released in huge number. They were countless like a big - mighty army. They were all dressed in white and were stretching forth their wings. Each one of their wings was tied up to one another and their feet were moving at the same rhythm together. The sound of their feet was as of a big sea waves. As I remained in the spirit realm, I asked the Lord about the meaning of it, and He said to me that they were healing angels who were released for the end time harvest.


 He took me in the spirit in the valley once more and showed me another mighty angel. This one did not have his feet touching the ground. He was different from those ones I previously saw. His neck was sheltered in rainbow changing colours. His eyes were as if of fire. His apparel was of gold. Moreover, the glory of God filled the valley where I was standing.  Then I asked the Lord what this one meant again. He said that it was the image of the glory of God which was about to be released on the earth in this particular season.

I did not understand that vision before, until the Lord gave me the word in the book of Ezekiel 1: 1- 28.


 Dear readers, everything that the Lord spoke to me happened during the same year. 

Firstly, the death of evangelist and healing minister Oral Robert


Secondly, the unprecedented healing and creative miracles recorded during our crusades.


I can testify that the presence of God increased in our meetings and we began to see what we’ve never seen before. I believe we are entering into a season where we are going to see the anointing for signs and wonders being released into the Church of God. The time has come, when it will not be Ministers of the gospel only, but whoever believes in the healing of God will be used to operate in the superatural. They will demonstrate the Miracle healing anointing of God in this time.


The time is coming when all the earth will be filled with the glory of the knowledge of God. Let us get ready for what is coming!







2008, I was on my knees praying, and then the Lord opened my eyes to see things in the spirit realm. I had a vision of the city of Manchester- England.  I actually did not really know what that meant, then asked the Lord to tell me the meaning of it.

 During the same month, I was unable to understand it, and then one day before I went to bed, I asked the Lord to explain to me about the vision again, finally the Lord responded to me in a dream. He spoke to me about bringing the healing revival into the city of Manchester.


In February 27th 2009, we went to Manchester England for a mighty revival meeting. We knew that all God spoke to us in vision was going to happen.

When we arrived there, the church welcomed us with arms opened expecting to receive something from our time there.

At our arrival, we saw that everything was the same as the Lord spoke to us. Many people had sicknesses. Some had broken shoulders, high blood pressure, heart problems and many more incurable diseases. There were broken families. Many people were about to commit suicide. The church needed revival. Leadership was broken and many people were on the verge of leaving the Church. In fact, the whole city was under the influence of demonic forces.

I thank the Lord that we arrived at right place and right time. I am thankful that we understood what He said to us, otherwise many people would have been dead by now and even the church would not be active today.


        As the heavens were open upon us and because of our obedience to the vision of the Lord, the power of God came to manifestation. Miracles broke out the first day of the seminar. Many people received salvation, and healing.

Those with the spirit of suicide were all set free and those who wanted promotion or breakthrough received their parts!, Holy Ghost Impartation happened. People received the baptism of the Spirit. The power of witchcraft that was operating in the area causing people to be involved in crimes, sins and immorality was broken. The devil was kicked out of people’s lives.

       The presence of God was awesome every day I ministered. There was moment when I could not stand it any longer. People kept falling around under the anointing of God during services. One day I was preaching, the power of God came on me and as I was standing on the platform, I said, “God is here”! Suddenly I became glue and could not move nor speak for about half an hour. I felt like being a giant in the Spirit, very difficult to describe it!

       The other day God’s glory appeared unto me as a visible cloud over my head. Once I saw that, I began to feel like a tangible rain fire falling over my whole flesh. I can say, I had that feeling for about five days up to the day we left the city.


       Sometimes when we were praying, we were taken into heavenly experiences, forgetting that we are still in the same room worshiping God. We could hear other people voices singing with us together. I believe they were Angels of God who were singing with us. The anointing of God fell upon us in a way that we could see natural oil falling on our heads and hands.

Because of all those experiences, we chose to stay in that city for the whole month praying and fasting for the revival of the city and ministering to the lost through crusades and evangelism outreach. I will never forget those experiences. God is awesome! Whatever He says, He performs. When He gives a vision, He always provides.

My friends imagine if I limited God in that case or I did not believe the vision. Alternatively, I said I don’t have what it takes to go to that city what would have happened? Thank God I didn’t disbelief.

We left the city of Manchester blessed and victorious; thanking God for all signs and wonders, He performed among us during our time there.









After several years of pain, sickness, rejection, persecution,infirmities, death, spiritual warfare and supernatural encounter with angels and God,I relates a breathtaking story of true survival and supernatural breakthrough.

In "From Death to Victory", I share a personal journey out of a painful past into total freedom and victorious life. This testimony reveals the reality of the kingdom of darkness, the power of God and the reality of supernatural realms of heaven.

I advise you to pray before playing this video. There is power in it to change your life and take into a powerful supernatural experience.

To find out more, get books: " From Death to Victory" or " With God all things are possible" at any retailers worldwide.

  Apostle Medyt



These are days when we need to have our faith strengthened, when we need to know God. God has designed that the just shall live by faith. Any man can be changed by faith, no matter how he may be fettered. I know that God's word is sufficient. One word from Him can change a nation. His word is from everlasting to everlasting. It is through the entrance of this everlasting Word, this incorruptible seed, that we are born again, and come into this wonderful salvation. Man cannot live by bread alone, but must live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. This is the food of faith. "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

We have a wonderful God, a God whose ways are past finding out, and whose grace and power are limitless. 

I believe there are a great many people who would be healed, but they are harboring things in their hearts that are as a blight. Let these things go. Forgive, and the Lord will forgive you. There are many good people, people that mean well, but they have no power to do anything for God. There is just some little thing that came in their hearts years ago, and their faith has been paralyzed ever since. Bring everything to the light. God will sweep it all away if you will let Him. Let the precious blood of Christ cleanse from all sin. If you will but believe, God will meet you and bring into your lives the sunshine of His love.

Notice that whatever we do or dream in life is possible when we add to it this principle.

You can’t understand righteousness without faith, just as it’s impossible for you to demonstrate the God-kind of love without faith.

The Bible says” faith works by love” (Galatians 5:6), love also works by faith.

Remember that , It takes faith for me to organize healing and miracle services. It takes faith to lay hands on the sick and possibly believing God for a miracle for somebody else.It takes faith for me to believe that the name of Jesus is able to heal and deliver. It takes faith to hold a paralyzed person`s hand, believing that he or she is healed instantly and is able to walk. It takes faith to command to terminal, breast , brain cancer to leave people`s body. It takes faith to command to arthritis and heart disease to be healed in Jesus`name!

You see the faith way, is the only way for Christians....Your miracle depends on the state of your Faith... Now, take a step with your faith and believe God to use you in the area of healing and miracles.








I am extremely passionate about a billion soul harvest. I want to see the beauty of Jesus unveiled to all the nations. I believe in an outpouring of the Spirit, greater than what Joel. 2. prophesied. An outpouring, where ALL FLESH moves in dreams and visions, miracles, and prophecy. Where all of creation sings the song of redemption and becomes the man or woman they were created to be. He longs for all mankind to attain this knowledge, and anything less that to me, is not his heart.


I  see a great revival moving across Europe, Great Britain in particular . Mighty Miracles and Signs and wonders taking place in the days to come ! I see multitude of Angels being released in huge dimension. I see Fire,waves of the Spirit of God and Glory ! Lives being changed and restored as never before. Hearken the Voice of God all ye people ! Pray for the revival ! This is the season! This is your season !
The anointing cannot go to the grave it must be passed on with increase. This is your moment to receive, are you ready to receive the double portion anointing to do the works of Christ and preach the gospel to the four corners of the earth?

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