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2027 the year of return of Zoe Grace in Apostle Medyt

From the year 1996 until 2020, Zoe Grace dwelled in me strongly to fulfil God`s destiny to protect His worlds. Consequently, the Angels missed the management of my body and focus on coagula to divert my life into CIG. Therefore Zoe grace left me on 09 May 2020, as we agreed with the providers, that He could only return in my life on May 09th 2027 after assessment on my Exodus Chronicles in Croydon and the Israel Leviticus practice on me from God`s throne room agency for 4 years in the raw without ceasing.

The fact that Zoe grace left me does not necessary mean no ministry by partners. Everyone is free to come and minister to me without constraint.UK Brexit is the referendum ! All contact with Zoe Grace is prohabited for 7 years.

2027 is the year of more divine visitations. 2027 is a golden year, says the Lord! Gold in prophetic language is synonymous with divine glory, royalty and the presence of God. Stop staring at your enemies, for they are already on trial, and none of them can do without, says the Lord. Have no fear, for I am with you; Do not look worriedly, for I am your God; I strengthen you, I come to your rescue, I support you with my triumphant right. Behold, they will be confused, they will be covered with shame, All who are angry with you; They will be reduced to nothing, they will perish, those who dispute against you. You will seek them, and you will not find them any more, those which aroused you quarrel; They will be reduced to nothing, reduced to nothing, those who waged war against you. For I am the Lord your God, who strengthens your right hand, and who says to you, Do not fear; I come to your aid.

The glory of God will be visible in many corners of the earth, and will be the object of a great evangelical awakening. We will see the expansion of the work of God in us in accelerated ways. God says what has been hidden cannot remain hidden. In this new year, you will have many angelic visits, God will visit you in a powerful and exceptional way, so any atmosphere of pressure put on you by Satan will leave your life. Any dark cloud hanging over your family will disappear in the name of Jesus. Make good resolutions, be courageous and docile my people and you will succeed. Do not turn your eyes to the evil of 2027 says the Lord: “There is a time and a season for everything. I saw your suffering and heard your cries. I have sent my word before you and he will help you until you succeed. The world is not going to change according to what I announced in my word, in the last days, there will be difficult times, however your life will change if you remain faithful to my commandments and obey my instructions.

I am the Lord, the God who made the heavens and the earth, the one whose hand is not short to save you from the pit and heal your diseases. I will give you my joy, my peace will be your shield and my glory your crown. Behold, I will be back soon. Keep my commandments in your heart and be faithful. I will walk with you, and even in the fire you will come out victorious because of my name. Lift up your eyes, look, and be amazed and terrified! Because in 2027 I'm going to make a work in your life, which you wouldn't believe if we told it. I would do what you do not know, what your eyes have never seen, your ears have never heard and your hands have never touched. Says the Lord! Word of the Lord. Amen. ________________________________________

Best wishes for 2027 to all! I love you all and stay connected! See you soon. Apostle Medyt





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