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School of Ministries

School of Ministry
School of Healing and Miracles

* 1st stage-Discover the Potential * 2nd stage-The process at Ephesians 4: 7-15 * 3rd stage-Know the purpose of your call * 4th stage- Become a real Minister * 5th stage-I Prayer of laying on of hands by the Apostle Medyt

The Lord Jesus Christ acts across the earth, challenging his Church to leave the dark, and begin to access the revelations of the kingdom of God. It is no longer enough for his church to live simply by rituals and the exercise of religion, but rather it is imperative that we begin to walk in domination and authority, after taking possession of the keys of the Celestial Kingdom in order to open the doors of supernatural blessings.

These courses taught by Apostle Medyt give you prophetic revelations about your identity in Christ, the riches of glory hidden in Christ Jesus and let you know the heritage that God predestined for you. They will take you into new dimensions to operate in the anointing of miracles and healings and to empower you to answer your call. Our ministry is committed to training true leaders, "ready for the end-time harvest".

Not of celebrity or Superstars, but those who are filled with true knowledge of God and Holy Spirit to proclaim the true gospel of Jesus Christ by demonstrating his grace and power. We are fully dedicated to training leaders, and sending them out to preach the Kingdom of God with all the resources they need, after discovering their gifts and potentials. Well, if you want to join our training school, please register today!

These courses will help you receive the healing anointing in order to exercise the healing ministry. They will also help you to receive divine healing in your body in case of illness. This training is followed by the exercise and application of faith in matters of miracles. Apostle Medyt will pray for the sick as well as for those who want to receive the healing anointing.

* 1st stage- the 3 stages of faith * 2nd stage-How to receive the Miracle? * 3rd stage-Experience the Power of God


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