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We want to launch PCM TV, which is our own TV channel also available on Satellite. Now you would follow our live broadcasts on our website all over the world. As you well know, maintaining a TV channel on Satellite requires a lot of financial means, we invite you to become our partner today by sowing regularly and financially in our ministry, to help us spread the good news of the salvation of souls, the deliverance and healing of lives. In doing so, we will pray continuously for your needs and those of your families and send you some free accessories to thank you for your generosity. NB: We also use local and national television channels in different countries to transmit our messages and programs with the aim of saving souls, giving hope to those who suffer and bringing divine healing to the sick.



Our church is of Evangelical-Charismatic Christian denomination and our congregation is made up of members from several different parts. The PCM ministry is based in several other countries of the world including Congo, Ghana, Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Usa South Africa, Kenya etc ... We have a team that prays every morning for any requests received.


Please send your requests by completing the request below. You can also send a request to the following address: As a testimony, please use the form above to send us your Thanksgiving with answered prayers.

Our vision is to proclaim the beautiful name of Jesus and demonstrate that His power is still at work today. Through the media, we want to appeal to unbelievers to come to Christ through powerful testimonies of life.


Through dynamic teachings of the Word of God that are applicable to everyday life, we want to feed and equip French speakers, men and women of countries of this generation, in order to make them disciples of the Word of God, and May they in turn go and testify to their families and those around them to the glory of God!

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