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Medyt Ministries Publication



Medyt Ministries carefully publishes selected Christian manuscripts, Bible studies and resources to help churches and individuals develop in their understanding of the Christian faith. We are independent and a non-profit publishing house aimed at helping new Christian writers get their books published effectively. The PCM edition is based on a fundamental belief of the Christian faith. We are not affiliated with a Christian denomination. Our founder, Apostle Medyt knows that there is a need in the book industry requiring a good balance between cost and efficiency that can allow a Christian author to be published by a company that publishes books that are not contrary to the authenticity of the Gospel, this is why we are here to help you. We are committed to publishing quality books that will help restore integrity to the publishing world. We do not change basic Christian beliefs for a profitable amount. We publish the kind of inspirational, supernatural, poetic, devotional, and youth-oriented building manuscript at affordable cost.


The knowledge of the God`s power is not meant to be a life secret, but is for everyone willing to seek for solutions to life's challenges from a higher dimension. The creative power of God is part of our lives in Christ. The healing anointing, provision and creative ability are available to us all. God wants us to learn how to tape into the potential of the provision,abundance and help that lies beyond our physical dimension. This book elaborates factors of ineffective and effective healing ministry. It`s a powerful key to unlock the supernatural realms of heavens. Read this book and you will be empowered to walk in the healing anointing

if your life has been miserable, your friend has let you down, your kids are sick, your finances melt down, and your body is weak because of pains, your spiritual life destroyed, and your ministry broken: “This is the perfect book for you to read. It will help and show u how to come out of your circumstances and empower you for success

After many years of pain, sickness, rejection, persecution,infirmities, death experience, spiritual warfare against Satan and his Kingdom and supernatural encounter with angels and God,Apostle Medyt testifies a breathtaking story of struggle, victory and supernatural breakthroughs. This book is dedicated to all the broken hearted, the sick, the abandoned, the rejected, the needy, the orphans, the homeless and those who are persecuted for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ. While you're reading this book, I pray that you will experience the glorious touch of the Holy Spirit and that Jesus Christ will always be magnified in your life to draw others to the cross of Calvary.


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